6 Features To Look For In CMMS Software

Preventative maintenance CMMS software is a tool that allows organizations to keep closer tabs on when various systems need attention. With this increased dependency on software, though, it's important to use a CMMS that offers the right set of features and deploys them well. Here are 6 features you should look for in CMMS software.

Real-Time Tracking

It's important to learn as soon as possible when to perform maintenance. This buys you time to check parts inventories, place necessary orders, and schedule professionals to deal with the work. If necessary, you also want to be able to pull systems out of operation as soon as possible.

Mobile Compatibility

Especially for companies that have large facilities or ones spread across many locations, it's ideal to use preventative maintenance CMMS software that works well on mobile devices. Technicians can pull out phones or tablets to quickly recheck orders or see alerts. Likewise, they can add data and comments from the field, allowing them to provide more contemporaneous analysis of what's happening.

Standardized Workflows

Many maintenance tasks require more than one professional to handle something. A good piece of preventative maintenance CMMS software should allow you to develop appropriate workflows for every job. If you need to schedule a mechanic to disable a machine before an electrician can maintain it, for example, that workflow should be structured and implemented within the software. The mechanic gets an alert and performs the task, and then they can go handle other jobs until the electrician wraps up and enters a completion report into the system.

Collaborative Tools

Multiple team members need to be able to discuss issues as they emerge. The ability to invite other parties to collaborate on a project can be invaluable, especially if you need input from someone who can't be on-site. A CMMS should allow comments, invites, and chats within a simple interface.

Reporting and Analytics

One of the biggest benefits of this sort of automated maintenance scheduling is that companies can study their histories. Not only does this help on the maintenance side of things, but it can inform purchasing decisions down the road. Likewise, detailed reports make it easier for decision-makers to arrive at answers.

Moving these functions onto a digital platform may also reduce paperwork. When you do need printed documents, such as for compliance, the system will also ensure that the formatting is correct.

Customized Forms

Many businesses have to use customized forms. A good CMMS should allow you to create customized forms and drop data entries into them with ease.

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