Gain Control of Scheduling Conflicts

Picture the following - People arrive for work late on more than a few occasions each week. One person has been calling out frequently, which is putting a strain on others who work in the same department. Some people have been clocking in earlier than they should and this has resulted in them receiving overtime pay. Do you encounter scenarios like these? If so, gain control of scheduling conflicts by using a mobile timesheet app to keep track of what is occurring.

Choose a Standard App 

If all of your workers remain in their designated work areas for the duration of each day and you are mainly concerned with punctuality, absenteeism, and overtime, a standard timesheet app will get the job done. A spreadsheet is used to separate employee names and fill in timeslots with the work hours that you have proposed.

Each person will be required to sign in when they are about to begin their shift. Install the timesheet app on the desktop computers, laptops, or mobile phones that your employees have access to and instruct each department head to monitor their crews to ensure that they understand the sign in process.

Monitor each person's attendance, from the comfort of your office. If you notice that someone has been late on multiple occasions or if there is another problem with a schedule, take a screenshot of the information that is troubling you and print a copy of the records so that you can go over them with the appropriate person.

Choose a Comprehensive App

If you want to monitor attendance, but also want to ensure that various tasks are being performed in a timely manner, a comprehensive app will be more useful. Some of your employees may be assigned to remote jobs, ones that are located far from your office. It wouldn't be cost-effective to require these staff members to drive to the home office, prior to beginning their jobs. With a comprehensive app, you can request that your crew signs in via the timesheet app.

Use the app to assist with cost analysis. For example, if a client will be paying a set fee for some work that your employees are performing, you can keep tabs on what time they show up at a site and the number of hours that they work toward completing the job. Deduct the amount of pay that you owe your workers and the cost of materials to determine what your profit is. If you notice that your workers are slacking off or are taking longer breaks than needed, address these issues. 

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