3 Reasons To Add Fire Monitoring To Your Home Security System

Modern homes are filled with valuable electronics, furnishings, and personal items that might be enticing to an intruder. Alarm systems are designed to protect homeowners against theft by alerting the authorities when the boundaries of an armed alarm are breached.

Advancements in technology have made it possible for home security companies to offer customers more than just intruder alerts. You should consider the benefits that you can enjoy when you opt to add fire monitoring to your home security system.

1. Fire protection alarms can signal for help.

Most homeowners know that having a smoke alarm installed in the home is important. While these types of alarms can let you know when a fire breaks out in your home, they cannot signal for help if you are overcome by the smoke or trapped inside your burning home and unable to reach a telephone.

The fire monitoring alarms that are connected to your home security system are wired to a central monitoring station. Any changes in your home's atmosphere that indicate a fire is present will signal the fire monitoring device to contact a security representative. This representative can contact local authorities on your behalf, helping you enjoy maximum protection in the event of a fire.

2. Fire protection alarms can protect your pets.

Many families share their homes with a pet. Leaving your dog or cat at home alone while you are at work can be risky. Should a fire break out while your pet is home alone, he or she may be unable to escape.

A pet certainly doesn't have the ability to reach out for help, so a fire monitoring system can give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your pet is protected. If the fire protection monitoring device is activated, authorities will be sent to your home.

Your home security company will have a record of any pets in the home on file, and a representative can let authorities know that an animal needs saving. This allows your pet to be saved from certain death in a house fire.

3. Fire protection alarms can reduce insurance rates.

When you make the choice to be proactive in protecting your home against a disaster, your insurance company could reward your efforts with a lower monthly homeowners insurance premium. Fire protection alarms reduce the amount of damage caused during a fire, which keeps the value of any claims you might make low as well.

The insurance company will likely consider a home equipped with fire protection alarms to be a low-risk property, and you could qualify for discounts that will help you reduce insurance rates in the future.

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