Nanopositioners Help Forensic Experts Avoid Out-Of-Plane Mistakes

Microscopes are a powerful tool that provides forensic experts with the accuracy they need to help police and detectives solve difficult crimes. Unfortunately, out-of-plane motion may end up sabotaging the accuracy of their tools. Thankfully, nanopositioners can help avoid this issue.

Out-Of-Plane Motion Can Affect Microscope Accuracy

The delicate movements of microscopes are so small because even minute changes of position can heavily affect what the microscope showcases. Positioners help to keep them in place but out-of-plane motion can make it more difficult for them to be accurate. Typical out-of-plane movement would include slight changes in position that occur when the positioner moves too far to one direction.

When this happens, serious mistakes can occur in the use of a microscope. Unfortunately, these kinds of errors are seriously problematic for the forensic field. Absolutely accuracy is a necessity because it can cause either a poor understanding of a case or lead to a misdirection that causes the case to be unsolved for an extended period.

Forensic Experts May Make Mistakes As A Result

Working in the forensics field requires a lot of precision and accuracy. Even a very small mistake could result in a serious error. For example, it could be possible that an out-of-plane motion could move a microscope too far in one direction and cause a forensic expert to miss an important piece of evidence.

As a result, a case may end up going cold for an extended period. Thankfully, it is possible to avoid this problem by installing high-quality nanopositioners. These items are more than worth the investment because they help make your forensic department even more accurate in their job.

Nanopositioners Avoid This Issue

Nanopositioners are high-quality items that you can install in a variety of microscopes. They are designed to increase the efficiency and accuracy of a microscope to avoid serious issues. One of the most common results of installing these positioners is a reduction in out-of-plane motion.

Even better, these positioners typically don't suffer the same kind of wear-and-tear that are common on other types of microscopes positioning items. As a result, it is less likely that they will wear down and experience even more out-of-plane motion issues.

So don't forget to take the time to research how nanopositioners can help your forensics operation. Talk to the head of your research department and ask them if they your microscopes have these items. If they do not, consider getting them installed immediately.

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