Pro Gamer? Make Sure Your Internet Is Just As Pro

People are making money doing a lot of interesting things on the internet, and gaming has always been at the forefront of the internet money discussion. Making money by playing video games has been a dream for multiple generations since the days of arcade competitions and The Wizard, but the earning opportunity has entered both higher stakes and realistic, multi-tiered income opportunities up and down the economic ladder.

To stay competitive and productive, here are a few internet performance issues that you must keep under control.

Internet Speed Versus Consistency

Internet speed is one of the biggest advertising points for Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and while there's a lot more to talk about, it's hyped a reason. With faster internet, downloads and uploads will complete faster.

As a pro gamer, internet speed plays various roles in your performance, but the actual gameplay isn't limited by internet speed in the US. Any games that rely on internet access are part of a competition in their own right, as online gaming technology is in a constant race to provide the highest quality with the lowest file size so that more players on even struggling internet connections can participate.

Every game has a different level of internet performance, but you need to be fairly unlucky to have a connection that is too slow. It's not even a question of money; basic broadband internet at reduced cost--even free when subsidized by government programs--is 25Mbps (Megabits per second) as defined by the FCC in 2015.

If you're just playing online games and browsing the web, that speed blows any of your tasks out of the water with room to spare. Even the old broadband speed of 4Mbps was fast enough if you were doing nothing but playing games.

Consistency is the problem. No matter how fast your connection may be, if the data crashes on the way to and from your computer, it has to be sent again or it's lost forever. If you've ever wondered why "fast" internet seems slow or why you're not getting the speeds you're paying for, it's because of data failure.

Internet speed labels are determined by how fast information can reach the target. When data fails and has to be sent again, it takes time, and you have to wait for the information to catch up.

Lag Is The Problem, And Technical Support Is The Solution

Lag is a subject that many gamers are confused about, mostly because the word has a deceptively simple set of definitions. It's not much different from saying "slow" or "delayed", but if you plan on making consistent money from gaming, you need to know where your lag problem is coming from.

Do your graphics look chunky? Does playing the game look like a slideshow sometimes? These graphical slowdowns are issues with your computer's processor, memory, and/or video card. The system doesn't have enough resources to handle the game at its peak video performance, either because you lack the hardware or because too much is going on.

"Too much" could mean having too many other programs open while playing your game, and games are some of the most resource-intensive programs that the average computer user deals with. On the other hand, what if the game seems smooth and fluid?

If the game still seems beautiful, but your actions seem to be delayed, that's network lag. Your data isn't reaching its targets in enough time, which may be the internet or your game itself. Contact an internet and telephone services professional at companies like Dalton Utilities to get help with lag issues of any type. 

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